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‘My Hero Academia: Two Heroes’ is an anime movie at its finest

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is perfect for any fan of the  anime series, while also still being welcome to newcomers. It delves  more into All Might and the quirk, One for All, and talks more about his  back story. It follows All Might and Izuku going to I-Island for an  expo showcasing new support items for pro heroes. By chance, almost  everyone from Class 1-A happens to be attending the expo on the same  day, with the others being present on the island.

A history for the Symbol of Peace

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At the beginning of the film, All Might is shown making his hero  debut in America with his friend, Dave. There’s not much time shown for  these American heroes and villains, but it shows briefly what some of  the interesting quirks are from America. It also showed a young All  Might, still powerful but not yet a master of his power. It’s cool to  see a young, fresh-faced All Might talking about his goals of being a  symbol of peace, and as an audience member, it warms your heart to know  he accomplishes his dream.

Dave and his daughter, Melissa, help showcase some of the top  scientists in the world. This showed a different view of the world we  have seen in the anime already. Melissa ended up being one of my  favorite characters because she was such a strong female character.  Although she was quirk-less, she wasn’t helpless. That made her  memorable. She was able to help when the attack happened, and she also  helped Izuku help control his power. This movie takes place in a point  before the training camp arc in season three, so Izuku could use his  full power when fighting with his arms but he hadn’t learned shoot style  yet. Melissa was able to help him use his arms more during fights,  which ended up being incredibly useful for the duration of the film.

Beautiful quirks

Since the anime isn’t focused on All Might, it was awesome seeing  more about him. Although we get to see more of All Might, the movie  still revolves around the students of Class 1-A. My biggest complaint  about anime is that episodes are so short, some episodes don’t get to  cover everything and go on a for a long period of episodes. What was  great about seeing MHA on the big screen is that it didn’t have  that problem. Fight scenes were beautiful because they lasted longer  than they might have in a typical episode. The animators could focus  more on the choreography of the fights and take more time making it look  appealing.

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Being in a packed theatre with people who love this show made the  experience so much better. People familiar with the series loved to  cheer when each character just happened to be in the same place. The  characters were the ones you fell in love with originally and didn’t  stray from the source material. Bakugo was his usual angry self.  Kaminari and Mineta were their usual perverted selves. Personally, I  loved how Tenya Iida still held onto his class president role even when  they were across the world from UA. He was the leader and still made  sure the classmates held up appearances to the rest of the world. The  female characters present, Momo, Ochaco, and Kyoka, did seem a little  flat at first, but that changed when the action started happening. These  characters were the ones the audience loved, and it was amazing seeing  how they acted in a different environment and just being themselves. It  also added to the film that not too many new characters were added, so  it revolved around the people we love.

The animation style of MHA is beautiful, but what the movie  does differently is focusing more on the beautiful animation of the  quirks. This movie allows you to get your fill of everyone’s quirks and  focuses at least a little bit of time on each individual cast member’s  quirks. My favorite part was a villain fight with only Shoto and Bakugo.  They are incredibly powerful people, and I loved seeing how their  quirks stacked up against villains who didn’t know them. They did not  hold back, and I loved how long the animators allowed that fight  sequence to be.

A beloved show, super-sized

The foreshadowing throughout the movie is consistent and helps  advance the plot. When All Might and Izuku made it to the island, the  audience knew something was askew because of the foreshadowing  sequences. Of course, something had to go wrong to create a plot for the  movie, but it was interesting and helped with character development.  When the villains took over the island, All Might was compromised, so it  was just up to the students of Class 1-A and Melissa to save everyone.

Image from IMDb

I loved that not everyone was together, so you got to see different  quirks be in the spotlight at different times. Everyone contributed at  points and got to show off how strong they are. One of my favorite quirk  spotlights was Mineta using his quirk to go up a wall because his  motivation was girls, of course. The classmates got the chance to use  their quirks to their advantage and think logically in a real-world  situation. This attack was real-life, and no one was coming to save  them. It was up to the students to accomplish the mission. Because of  this, we are able to see how truly powerful these developing quirks are.

This series is always humorous, and that is true for the movie. Humor  mixes with the seriousness and creates a beautiful movie to watch. It  shows more of the characters we love in a different environment, and has  a plot full of meaningful plot twists. You don’t know what’s going to  happen until the very end, so you’re on the edge of your seat throughout  the entire end of the film. People aren’t exactly who you think they  are, but friendship is the main theme of the movie.

Overall, this movie is perfect for any fans of MHA. It’s  long enough to get your fill, and it wraps up nicely at the end. It is  filled with action, which I loved. It’s not an easy mission for Class  1-A and the stakes are high, but you are cheering for them throughout  the film. The final fight scene was absolutely gorgeous, and the  connection they throw in will make your jaw drop when you find out the  true reason why this is happening. It’s so cool seeing All Might and  Izuku fight side by side using all of their power. This movie is one to  be remembered.

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Featured Image: IMDb

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