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Ball State Student Honors Council puts on fourth consecutive haunted house

Screams from frightened students echoed through the Ball Honors House Tuesday evening, as the Honors Council’s Tales of Terror haunted house delighted attendees.

After days of social media promotions, passing out hundreds of flyers at the Scramble Light, and getting people preregistered, the Ball State Student Honors Council opened the doors for their annual free horror event. The theme for this year was Tales of Terror, with every room showcasing separate scary folk stories.

Planning for this year’s scares started back in September, and once the themes were picked, each room of the Honors House was overseen by officers of the Honors Council. They directed their teams of honors students to put costumes, props, and set dressing together to make their Tales of Terror come to life.

The president of the Honors Council, Elementary Education major Jamie Brimbury, reflected on her history participating in the haunted house. During her favorite year, she played a bloody child laying on a bathroom floor, scaring attendees as they passed by. She said, “One time after I scared the person they came back and told me they peed.” In another instance, “this huge, intimidating dude who looked like he could have been a linebacker walked over to the bathroom, but when I scared him he made this really loud, high-pitched scream. It’s really hard to top those two.”

That didn’t stop honors students from trying though. This year they thought up themes that were classics, such as Bloody Marry and sirens. Yet some scares were more modern like the wave of clowns that roamed city streets in 2016.

For those interested in getting ahead of the game to find out about next year’s attraction, they can follow the Honors Council on Facebook.

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Photography by Eben Griger and Jeremy Rogers

Video: Director - Jeremy Rogers

Editor - Emily Reuben

Camera - Jeremy Rogers

Lighting - Shwetha Sundarrajan