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DC needs to calm down and develop some originality

With the release of Justice League, its poor critical reception, poor box office performance, and the rage from DC fans everywhere I have some opinions on the film myself, but I’m not going to talk about that. Instead I’m going to give my opinions on what can help DC/Warner Brothers get their groove back.

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In my mind DC began to move toward emulating Marvel after Batman vs Superman’s negative critical reception.  There were many things not to like about that movie, but one major element of the film that critics attacked was it darker tone and lack of laughs. In response DC freaked out and had reshoots, which are not uncommon in the movie business, for their next feature film Suicide Squad. And that movie is, for the lack of a better word, a garbage fire. To be fair I understand DC is late to the game when it comes to having a whole superhero cinematic universe. They are playing catch up and Marvel has a formula that works but its getting old. That doesn’t excuse the crap movies they’ve put out, excluding Wonder Woman because that movie was great and Gal Gadot is a beacon of happiness.

In my personal opinion, what Warner Bros and DC should do is slow down and take their time. They have the rights to some of the most influential and iconic characters ever conceived by man. And when put in the right hands, like Alex Garland and Denis Villeneuve, great movies can be made, looking at you Patty Jenkins. Thank you for doing Wonder Woman justice. DC also benefits from the fact that Marvel just announced another 20 movies after the fourth Avengers film and that’s plenty of time to establish superhero cinematic universe.

There’s nothing wrong with the fact that DC characters have darker tones than their Marvel counterparts.  In fact a darker superhero movie would be a wonderful shake up in the superhero cinematic experience.  With that being said not every DC character is in the whole dark world is brooding, orphaned Bruce Wayne. There are the lighter and happier characters like Superman, Flash, and many others. What they should do is establish a core of characters, like the Justice League except when it doesn’t suck, and then expand with side characters.

Also DC needs to take their time with their characters instead of introducing three characters to the cinematic universe with little to no information known prior to the movie. Which is what they did with Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg in Justice League. Let people care for the characters, learn to love them and then care when the character succeeds or fails. This is what happened with Wonder Woman since it was the first female-led superhero movie, which even Marvel has not done yet, and it was a major success. Trying new things work, take note Marvel.

Another fun thing that Warner Bros and DC can try is to not copy Marvel’s movies and themes. Suicide Squad was DC’s attempt at making a Guardians of the Galaxy for their cinematic universe and Justice League tried to have an Avengers vibe.  Try something new and different with these characters and you’ll have fans swarm the theaters to witness that movie.

However, since I don’t have the money or influence to affect the production of these movies, I’ll just have to endure until DC makes another good movie. But I do have the Internet and an opinion, which is just as good right?

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