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The Coven S3E1: Wonder Woman and faulty feminism

We’re back witches! With a new season of The Coven Podcast! This week, our witches sit around the cauldron and discuss feminism in the realm of super hero movies. We discuss how Wonder Woman was a step in the right direction, although filmmakers like James Cameron and Joss Whedon may disagree. With male directors still being in charge of the majority of future super hero films, what does this mean for our favorite female heroes? Will Patty Jenkins be given another chance to shine? How will the DC universe hold up with Whedon at the helm? All this and more this week on The Coven Podcast. Tune in next week for more witchy wonders!

Hosts: Daley Wilhelm, Matthew Yapp, Ashley Curry
Edited by: Sarah James, Tyler Wheatley
Music: Jack McGinnis
Graphic: Daley Wilhelm

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