Underneath Shafer Tower

The myth, the curse, the legend

Photo provided by Ball State University

Shafer Tower is arguably the most iconic landmark of Ball State University. It is in the center of the campus and stands at 150 feet.  Its nickname, “The Bell Tower,” comes from the fact that the tower has 48 custom-made bells, and these ring every 15 minutes. This is the beacon of all student life. However, a terrible curse has befallen the tower. Luckily, dear freshman, you will learn of this dreaded curse and hopefully be able to save yourself from its horrid fate. 

Whatever you do, DO NOT WALK UNDER THE TOWER. You will not complete your undergraduate degree in four years and you will be doomed.


Freshmen beware

For what is at hand is bound to give you a scare.

Shafer Tower has a cursed hand,

For which you shall not demand

If you walk under and see to the other side,

Then you will be left behind. 

Four years of undergraduate will not be end.

Beyond four years you will spend,

If you walk underneath the Tower

At any hour. 


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