Coming out of a runoff election, the Bold slate won the Student Government Association (SGA) election, ending the three-week-long election season. 

With 53.1 percent of the student vote, Bold won the election, defeating the Alliance slate, which secured 41 percent of the vote. The no-confidence vote secured 5.9 percent of the vote.

The runoff election had a voter turnout of 1,853 students, 108 fewer votes than this year’s first round but 229 more votes than last year's second round of voting.

SGA Elections Commissioner Thomas May said these are the percentages and number of votes each slate received:

Bold: 53.1%, or 984 votes

Alliance: 40.96%, or 759 votes

No confidence: 5.94%, or 110 votes

Total votes: 1,853

The Bold slate will be inaugurated April 15.

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