Ball State will launch a new wellness initiative designed for its graduate students starting Monday.

The Graduate Student Wellness Initiative (GSWI) is a mental health and overall wellness initiative launched by the Ball State Graduate School run by and for graduate students, an email from Ball State's Marketing and Communications states.

Managed in cooperation with Ball State's Department of Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology and Counseling, the initiative has a series of events scheduled for the fall 2019 semester, starting with the Graduate Student Wellness Week from Sept. 9 to 13.

Here are the list of events scheduled this semester:

Graduate Student Wellness Week

Sept. 9: Wellness Week Kick Off
Location: Frog Baby (12-2 p.m.)
The week will kickoff with a social event which includes lawn games and free candy.

Sept. 10: Free Breakfast
Location: Teachers College Concourse 1 (8-10 a.m.)
The breakfast will include free bagels, coffee and pastries for graduate students.

Sept. 12: “Exercise, Healthy Habits, & Sleep Hygiene” Workshop
Location: The Arena Lounge in the Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center (5:30-7 p.m.)
Students will tour the Recreation and Wellness Center, learn to use the exercise equipment and hear from wellness experts.

Sept. 14: Football Tailgate: Ball State Cardinals vs. Florida Atlantic Owls
Location: Tailgating lot outside arena at the northwest lawn of the Alumni Center (10 a.m.-noon)
Graduate student will be provided free food by the graduate school at the tailgating event, but will have to bring their own beverages. Students can show their Ball State ID to get into the game for free.

Online Mental Health Group

The Mental Wellness Matters program, which begins Monday, is an online community for all graduate students that encourages success and wellbeing. Graduate students have been sent a registration link via email.

Other Upcoming GSWI Events

Oct. 1: “Stress Management” Workshop
Location: Teachers College room 107 (5:30-7 p.m.)
This workshop will provide students with tips to manage financial and school stress, create personalized "SMART" goals and action plans.

Oct. 24: “Practice Good Nutrition” Workshop
Location: Health Professions Building lobby (5:30-7 p.m.)
Students can learn great meal plans from the Ball State's Nutrition Department, explore recipe books, and discover the graduate student-success diet.

Nov. 12: “Imposter Syndrome” Community Building event
Location: L. A. Pittenger Student Center Forum Room (5:30-7:30 p.m.)
Students will meet in a discussion group about challenging feelings of not belonging in higher education with imposter themed activities.