DC’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 4 recap

The wacky, time-traveling antics of ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’–which happens to be the lightest aspect of the CW’s ‘Arrowverse’–returns Monday, April first. So, now would be a very good time to do a recap of the first half of the show’s fourth season. Let’s go, Legends! The season began with the Legends–Sara Lance, Ray Palmer, Nate Heywood, Zari Tomaz, Mick Rory and Wally West–vacationing in Aruba, having just defeated the powerful demon Mallus (the main antagonist of the previous season). However, their vacation was interrupted by John Constantine, who revealed that by stopping Mallus, the Legends accidentally opened a doorway that allowed other supernatural forces to wreak havoc on the timeline.

With this new information, the Legends, with the help of Constantine and the Time Bureau, form an organization dedicated to keeping the timeline intact and proceed to hunt down these supernatural fugitives. As the first half of the season progressed, the Legends managed to capture and stop several of these fugitives.

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The fugitives themselves were quite unique, as they included the likes of a murderous unicorn, an evil fairy godmother and a crazy, talking puppet. However, one of these fugitives, a shape-shifter named Charlie, soon joins the Legends after taking the form of Amaya Jiwe/Vixen, a former member of the team. After Charlie becomes a member, more about Constantine’s past is revealed; before the events of this season, he was involved in a romantic encounter with a barkeep named Desmond.

Constantine fell in love with Desmond, and actually began a relationship with him. However, tragedy struck when a demon named Neron–who was hunting Constantine–came after the two. Desmond formed a bond with Neron in order to save Constantine, and Constantine was forced to send both of them to Hell in order to prevent Neron from causing destruction on Earth. This broke Constantine so much that he, along with Charlie, went back to the point where Constantine and Desmond had first met. Constantine’s goal in doing this was to save Desmond from his inevitable fate.

Constantine successfully drives off Desmond, but this drastically alters the timeline. He tries multiple other methods to drive off Desmond without drastic effects, but each alteration results in more bizarre circumstances, such as the Legends becoming known at one point as the Custodians of Chronology–a more trigger-happy version of themselves. Constantine realizes that he and Desmond falling in love is a fixed point in the timeline, so he decides to let events transpire the way they are supposed to.

The first half of the season ends with Hank Heywood, Nate’s father and man in charge of funding for the Time Bureau, playing a game of golf. The surprising thing about this is that Hank is playing golf with Desmond (who is still possessed by Neron, and has somehow found his way back to Earth).

As a whole, the first half of this season was a crazy one. We were introduced to several new characters, such as Hank and Desmond, whose roles here offered new dynamics to the show as a whole. Not only that, but the revelation that Desmond has managed to find his way back to Earth created an interesting cliffhanger; how did Desmond return? What will happen when the Legends and Constantine find out about this? I guess there’s only one way to find out: waiting until April first, when DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns on the CW!

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