In the past few years, the Netflix Original movie has risen to  prominence as a way for some studios to distribute their movies. And  what kind of movies one gets wildly varies. Some are  critically-acclaimed works such as Mudbound or Roma. Others are tense thrillers such as Hold the Dark. And others are straight up dreck such as The Ridiculous Six. At first glance, Polar looked  like it would be one of the more interesting Netflix movies. It’s based  on the webcomic of the same name, which took inspiration in its style  from films such as Le Samourai and Point Blank. The  comic presented itself without dialogue or speech balloons, along with a  minimalist color scheme. All of these elements together make for a  promising film that could break the mold of the typical Netflix Original  movie. However, the result is a movie that is a complete let down.

Thin plot and underdeveloped characters

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The film follows Duncan Vizla (played by Mads Mikkelsen), an  international hitman who works for a company called Damocles, and is  known and feared by his moniker, the Black Kaiser. He is two weeks away  from retirement, looking forward to relocating to the quiet town of Twin  Oaks, Montana with his $8 million pension. There, he befriends his  neighbor Camille (Vanessa Hudgens), a quiet and easily frightened woman.  However, this is all upended when Vizla’s former employer, Mr. Blut  (Matt Lucas) sends assassins after him and kidnaps Camille. This sends  the Black Kaiser on a warpath to rescue Camille and get revenge.

On paper, Mads Mikkelsen playing a feared international assassin is  an idea that would make for an entertaining movie, in the vein of  something like The Killer or John Wick. And to  Mikkelsen’s credit, he does fine in the role. The problem is that the  script gives him little to work with. The most that can be said about  Vizla is that he is good at his job and is haunted by a botched hit  where he accidently killed a family. However, that doesn’t really go  anywhere until the end of the film. Vanessa Hudgens, on the other hand,  does a solid job in her role. Whereas one could play this role very  blandly, Hudgens does a great job portraying someone who has been  traumatized by her past, including a scene where she describes one of  these events to Vizla.

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While Vizla and Camille seem underdeveloped, Mr. Blut, on the other  hand, just comes off as an idiot. Acting like as a cross between Tim  Curry and Elton John, his plan in the movie is to avoid paying the hired  assassins their pensions (worth millions of dollars) by having them  killed before retirement. Trying to murder a feared and incredibly  dangerous assassin so the company won’t have to pay him his pension is  not only incredibly greedy, but moronic. This is repeatedly pointed out  by his right-hand woman, Vivian (Kathryn Winnick), who seems like the  smartest person in Damocles by repeatedly advising Blut to just pay  Vizla and leave him alone.

Between the underdeveloped Vizla and the idiotic Blut, there is a fun  group of characters known as the A-Team: a group of assassins that take  out the retiring hitmen. These range from Alexei, a redheaded, bearded  man who dresses like a hipster; the sultry Sindy, who lures targets with  her sex appeal; and Hilde, a woman in a catsuit with tattoos along her  face. These characters seem like they would be right at home in a movie  like Smokin’ Aces and are a lot of fun to watch as they try to  track down Vizla. Unfortunately, they are killed off at roughly the  halfway point of the movie, which is a disappointment. This movie  would’ve benefitted by giving them more screen time.

Distinct style and music

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One thing that this movie has going for it is its unique visual  style. It features the use of a lot of saturated colors, which makes  things, be it someone’s clothes or trees in the background, pop out  more. This also includes how major characters are introduced in the  film, where the film will pause and the character’s name in a stylized  font will appear next to them. This makes the film visually interesting  to look at. This also includes outfits that a character will wear, with  Vivian wearing a widely different outfit and wig in almost every scene  she is in. Another positive that the film has is its score, done by DJ  and progressive house artist Deadmau5. It has a catchy, thumping beat to  it, which fits the scene of what is going on, and complements the  visual style of the film.

However, despite being an action film about an international hitman,  the movie is surprisingly boring. The bits of action in the film should  be savored, as they are sparse and sandwiched between scenes of dull  character work. The best action bits happen in the last half of the  film. The most notable is where a shirtless, bloody Vizla, armed only  with a handgun, fights through a hallway of armed guards. However, this  one scene is not enough to look past the flaws of this movie.

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