Six entertaining things to do instead of braving the polar vortex

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Image from WJLA

The 2004 film The Day After Tomorrow was about a superstorm of cold ravaging the northern hemisphere. Only 44% of critics liked it, and fewer will likely be fans of Wednesday’s weather which is projected to reach below a -35 degree wind chill in parts of Indiana. People are advised to stay indoors as much as possible, and that means people will be looking for ways to kill time.

1. Watch Bird Box on Netflix

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Netflix’s juggernaut horror entry has been received only somewhat warmly by critics and audiences alike, but it’s still a slickly made film that explores an interesting world. Most people think of only having to give up a few luxuries like running water, electricity and a stable government in most post-apocalyptic settings, but the idea of having to give up sight is certainly an interesting twist.

But the real entertainment doesn’t come from watching the film. The real draw of this film is understanding and participating in all the memes.

Of course if you were among one of the 45 million people who watched it when it came out, the film can still show what life may be like if your power goes out while you’re at home.

2. Check out the two Fyre Festival documentaries

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Alright, so instead of watching fictional horror, you decide to go to real life horror. There really is nothing like sandy beaches and rich millennials griping about cheese sandwiches to warm the heart. But the really gripping thing is how two documentaries were released that seem to be feuding with each other. Netflix’s Fyre Festival: The Greatest Party that Never Happened and Hulu’s Fyre Fraudseem to be dueling for attention, so why not dive into each one?

Fyre Festival itself is an interesting tale of hyped expectations, never ending deception, and a Lord of the Flies situation that left a lasting negative impact on the lives of the Bahamians, which isn’t talked about enough when people discuss Fyre Festival. But beyond the tale of the actual festival, there is an evolving narrative surrounding the two documentaries.

Both were directly made with people involved in the creation of Fyre Festival, and this puts both documentaries into a gray moral area for some. Check them both out to see for yourself which one is better made, in both the filmmaking sense and the moral sense.

3. Watch the new Netflix show Tidying up with Marie Kondo

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So you’ve moved from fictional horror to real life horror, but now you want to use your time to face the horror of your messy bedroom. Instead of tackling the monstrous mess of your living space alone, turn on one of Netflix’s newest shows, Tidying up with Marie Kondo.

Kondo is an author, consultant, and lecturer who uses her cleaning and organizing method, the KonMarie method, to help people make sense of their clutter. Her method emphasizes only keeping items that spark joy and to get rid of things that don’t.

The show is awesome to have on while tidying up, because in addition to learning about the KonMarie method, the show has plenty of useful tips for organizing everything from folding shirts, putting away jeans, and more.

4. Stream the The Incredibles 2 on Netflix

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Fans of The Incredibles waited 14 years for a sequel to Pixar’s excellent superhero family flick. If you are one of the people who decided to hold out just a bit longer for The Incredibles 2 to arrive on streaming platforms, you’re in luck. The film will become available starting on Wednesday, January 30th for streaming on Netflix.

The film tackles Mr. and Mrs. Incredible working to overturn the public ban on super heroes. In addition to fighting old villains like the Underminer, the Parr family has to take on a new threat to the world: The Screenslaver. So if you’d like to take this super adventure, suit up in your warmest robe, pop some popcorn and enjoy.

5. Get spooked playing Resident Evil 2

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If feeling like you’re trapped in your own home is making you claustrophobic, why not exacerbate that feeling and dive into a world of undead horror? This remake of the 1998 hit video game promises better graphics, more robust challenges, and even bigger scares.

In the game, you play as Leon Kennedy, a police officer, and Claire Redfield, a college student, as they attempt to escape from Racoon City. Their only obstacle? A metric ton of undead flesh hungry for a chunk of one of the game’s heroes.

6. Delve into Kingdom Hearts III

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If you have the whole day to yourself, but you want something that will take up your whole day, just understanding the plot leading up to Kingdom Hearts III would be enough to fill a week. So for those seeking a challenging title to fit into one day that mixes recognizable Disney characters with a dense anime-like backstory, look no further.

The newest entry in the series sees Sora, a the wielder of the mighty keyblade, joining forces with Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey, and Riku as they attempt to stop another keyblade war from erupting. This installment features a new and fluid combat system that greatly improves on previous entries.

Just try not to let the cold levels taking place in Arendelle bother you.

Images: WJLA, GameRant, Stevivor, IMDb, KonMari, DBK News, Detroit Metro Times

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