An early morning security check of a Bethel Avenue apartment Monday by the Muncie Police Department (MPD) led to the discovery of marijuana, Xanax and firearms. 

According to a police report, MPD officers were dispatched at 6:04 a.m. to an apartment at 1514 W. Bethel Ave. 

Jeffrey Prescott told the officers he thought someone was trying to break into his apartment and heard footsteps and a banging noise outside. 

While the officers talked to Prescott, they noticed marijuana in plain view inside the door.

Prescott then gave consent for officers to search his apartment and he was transported to the criminal investigations division for questioning. During that time, narcotics investigators went to investigate the apartment.

Investigators found 240 grams of a green, plant-like substance that tested positive for marijuana, several green, oblong tablets which were identified as two milligram pills of Alprazolam, which is commonly sold under the trade name Xanax. The pills weighed approximately 239 grams in total.

The report said he admitted that he has been dealing marijuana and Xanax for several months.

Digital scales, baggies, a heat sealer, three firearms and more than $4,000 were also found in the apartment.

Prescott was charged with possessing marijuana and a controlled substance with intent to deliver. He was held Tuesday in the Delaware County Jail on a $27,500 bail.

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