If you could ask God anything, what would you ask?

That is the question the Ball State community will be asked this week during #Questions4God, an outreach event organized by Cru in partnership with Greek Cru, an extension of Cru for fraternities and sororities, and The Impact Movement, an African-American christian organization.

Josh Lecount, member of Greek Cru’s leadership team, said the event is an attempt to get students to reflect on their own spiritual life and help Cru reach out and get to know the Ball State community better.

“This is just a way for us as Christians to know, what are people struggling with here on Ball State,” said Catherine Mast, a member of Cru. “How can we better love them? How can we better connect with them?”

The event, which runs until Friday, requires participants to make a social media post with their question on a piece of paper and tag three other people to ask their questions. Flyers posted around campus also will have a Snapcode allowing students to fill out a survey on Snapchat.

Joseph Scruggs, servant team leader for The Impact Movement said this is an opportunity to engage in conversations with the Ball State community about God, and answer any questions they might have.

“We want those questions to be asked so we can clarify who God really is so people may know what he has to offer and how much love he has to offer everybody,” Scruggs said.

Mast said the organizations  are doing this campaign with the mindset of “we don’t have the answers,” even hough it is based on their faith. Some might just have questions and not know where to go, or who to ask, Mast said, and “We just want to be there to listen.” 

While Cru has done outreach campaigns in the past, this is the first time it will ask this particular question to the Ball State community, and both students and faculty can take part in the social media campaign, Mast said.

“We do it because, as Christians, we are called to make disciples of all nations and that comes with us as Christians going out into our communities and sharing the gospel, and letting our peers around us know that Jesus Christ is the way to truth and life,” Lecount said. “But an important part is that we don’t know the answers — Jesus Christ knows the answers.”

Members of all three organizations also will be present all week at key places like the Scramble Light, Atrium and Frog Baby to promote the event, ask and answer questions and hand out surveys to students.

“So as Cru, Greek Cru and Impact, all of us collectively, we want to go around campus to get to know our student body to serve them,” Lecount said. “A very important aspect of our organization is to serve the community around us and seek to know them.”

Mast said her question to God would be, “Are you pleased with me?” Lecount said his question would be, “Why do you love me so well?” and Scruggs said his would be, “What is my purpose that you have for me?”

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