Heartland Shorts Film Festival showcased the amazing work of over 200  filmmakers, all having produced films that clocked in at under 40  minutes in length. There were many amazing films on display, and here is  one of my favorites from my time at the festival: This World of Ghosts.


A man goes on a painful and harrowing journey when his love is taken  by a pair of mysterious kidnappers in an ever-shifting setting that  constantly challenges the audience to reconsider what is real. This  horror/thriller film takes a few twists and turns that are genuinely  moving in a way few films that share its genre can manage.

One of the aspects that separates This World of Ghosts from  its peers is the heartfelt nature of the writing and portrayal of its  characters. During the Q&A session after the film, director Rich  Wolgemuth confirmed that he had very vivid personal experiences that  helped him craft such a tightly knit product.


This World of Ghosts is amazing in its mastery of  cinematography, editing, and color to create a very tense atmosphere.  All of the shots are tight, helping to express the mood of a scene and  to help the audience get inside the mind of the protagonist.

Much of the film’s tension comes from the aforementioned  ever-shifting setting that leaves the protagonist frustrated in his  attempt to find his girlfriend. The quick cuts and purposeful  perspective shifts employed by the editors help the setting come alive.

This film from director Rich Wolgemuth displays a stunning amount of  talent and coordination on every crew member’s part. The care and  consideration that went into making this film such a great product  shines through for the entire run-time.


Image: Facebook 

Video: Camera by Jeremy Rogers, Edited by Emily Reuben