A week of jetlag accompanying her return to the United States couldn't put a damper on the experience of a lifetime for one student. 

Elizabeth Wyman is of the five student journalists from Ball State to cover the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Though she says adrenaline kept her from sleeping on the flight there, the packed days of covering events and climbing Korean mountains made her five hours of sleep each night valuable.

"I've been telling people, 'maybe you should train for this,'" Wyman said. "You know, we're not athletes, but maybe we should have trained for this."

Wyman remembers one particular instance where she and Grace Hollars and Josh Shelton thought they were late to see Red Gerard win the United States' first gold medal.

"We're literally just sprinting up the side of the mountain," Wyman said.

Then, as Ball State students prepare to leave for vacation, Univeristy Police officer Travis Stephens warns against broadcasting one's departure.

"Don't post on social media that you're going to the Bahamas. Wait until you're back to post that stuff," Stephens said. "If you can take your valuables with you, take them with you."

For pricey items that must be left in Muncie, Stephens said to record their serial numbers. This way, UPD can track valuables if stolen.

"Recording serial numbers is huge," Stephens said. "We get thefts all the time, and they know maybe they have an Apple laptop, but there's thousands of Apple laptops, millions of them, and if we can't identify it's yours, that makes it harder for us to find it."