Ball State is known for its telecommunication program and the amazing artists it has turned out. With greats like Jim Davis and David Letterman behind us, it’s encouraging to see Cardinals still managing to produce well received content. One such student is Connor Keaney.

Connor Keaney is a 20-year-old sophomore studying video production here at Ball State. We were given the opportunity to sit down and ask Connor some question about his experience as a film maker and the process of creating his newest documentary The Red Road. The documentary depicts the struggles of Native American youth dealing with high suicide rates, self-harm and a legacy of drug use. The Red Road is currently a semi-finalist for Los Angeles CineFest.

Photo courtesy of Conner Keaney

In the past, Connor has also written for The Television Academy. He is currently and editor for SoapBox, an art magazine here at Ball State. In the future Connor intends to continue film making and is already in the process of creating his next documentary.

Video: Michael Robb and Phil Akin

Photography: Jeremy Rogers, Connor Keaney

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