Three students were nominated for Student Government Association president pro tempore for the 2018-19 season Wednesday.

Senate members will vote between current senators Josh Borges, Ashley Smith or Kam Bontrager March 14.

The president pro tempore of SGA is essentially a non-voting executive senate member — acting as leader to the senate, said Zoe Taylor, current president pro tempore.

The president pro tempore acts as a bridge between the executive branch and senate branch. Next year, the position will work to bring recently-elected slate Amplify and senators together.

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The paid job consists of attending executive, senate and committee meetings, mentoring and training senators and representing SGA senate to the university as a whole.

“It’s more than just dealing with the senate,” Taylor said. “It is also being the voice of senate within the university. [SGA President] Greg Carbó and the executive board represent SGA as a whole, and I represent the senate.” 

Here’s a look at the students running for the position:

Kam Bontrager

Kam Bontrager, a junior family consumer science education major, said he is running because he wants to be a leader in SGA and with the executive board. 

“It is time for me to take a different step forward and pursue a different leadership position — one that I can give back more to senate and give back to senators specifically,” Bontrager said. “I feel like I have really good connections with a lot of senators and I think I am really approachable. That is one the biggest keys for being pro tempore — being approachable.”

Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith, a junior political science major, said she is running because she believes could help motivate next year’s senate regarding Amplify’s platform points.

“When the senators and the executive slate work well together, that’s usually when things get done,” Smith said. “I feel like I can work well with the new executive slate. I am fully behind all of their platform points.”

Joshua Borges

Joshua Borges, a sophomore telecommunications major, said he believes he would work well with next year’s executive slate Amplify.

Borges said because of his close relationship with future slate members and with the current president pro tempore, he feels qualified for the position.

“This is an opportunity I would like to take advantage of,” Borges said. “There is definitely more I have to learn, but I believe I will get there by the time fall comes.”

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