The state senate passed a bill Monday that would allow the sale and use of cannabidiol (CBD) oil in Indiana.  

Gov. Eric Holcomb said Jan. 26 the education period for CBD oil products in Indiana would be extended in order to give time for legislators to better clarify Indiana law. This means businesses will still be allowed to sell the oil until the legislative session ends.

In November, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill said CBD oil would be illegal in every circumstance in the state, including medicinal purposes. This is in response to a bill that was signed by Holcomb early last year that intended for the product to be used for epilepsy treatment.

In response to Hill’s statement, Holcomb mandated the Indiana Excise Police educate and issue warnings to retailers that sell CBD products. Holcomb also asked the General Assembly to review laws and requirements during this time.

CBD is one of many chemical compounds found in cannabis. CBD is not like THC in that it is not psychoactive, which means it doesn’t alter the state of mind of the user. Instead, CBD has been used to treat certain neurological and physical ailments including epilepsy, anxiety and nausea.

Now, the new bill, which built upon the original one from September, has moved on from the state senate to the House. If passed, CBD oil containing less than 0.3 percent THC will continue to be sold and used in the state. 

Currently, CBD oil is still available at The Smoke Shop, The Cup and Wild Side Smoke Shop. 

Seraphim Muir, a sophomore early childhood education major, has a father who takes CBD oil droplets for medical reasons. Muir's father, Bret, has been taking the droplets for the last two months for chronic back pain that was caused by a work accident 10 years ago. 

Bret is on disability for his back pain, but Muir said he doesn’t like to take the prescribed medication. Muir said Bret purchases the droplets from Fresh Thyme and is now taking them twice a day. 

“He just seems like he’s feeling better,” Muir said. “It’s just like the edge has been taken off. He doesn’t have to just sit there, and all he does is think about pain.”

Muir said Bret has had issues with anxiety, depression and anger, but said the CBD has helped with his emotions, giving him better control of his anger and temperament, on top of alleviating his back pain. 

“He feels like he can control his anger a little bit better,” Muir said.

She said Bret currently doesn’t take any pain medications or antidepressants because he does not like how they make him feel. 

Muir said Bret is disappointed in the backlash toward CBD oil and has stockpiled the product just in case.

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