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We’re rooting for you, Ron Howard and Alden Ehrenreich. No one wants a bad Star Wars movie.

We finally have our first look at the new Han Solo film, with not one but two different film teases in two days. 

However, these teasers needed to be amazing if it was to remove the concerns many are having from extensive reshoots and reports that Ehrenreich needed to hire an acting coach on set.

As of now, I am hopeful. We’ve never had the chance to dive into the backstory of one of Star Wars’ greatest characters until now. 

Still, doubts have crept to the forefront. 

This will be a very different movie than the one developed by the Christopher Miller and Phil Lord comedy duo. The one joke from both teases comes at the very end of the second teaser, which seems to be reminiscent of Miller and Lord’s humor. Unfortunately, this small look into the more fun side of the movie seemed to fall flat with the rushed timing of the edit. 

It looks like Lucasfilm hasn’t learned its lesson from the other Star Wars films, given that we get our first look at the arbitrary inclusion of a new antagonistic monster — which has become a staple of Star Wars — with the notable exception of The Last Jedi.

I wouldn’t be upset by this if it didn’t seem to rehash the same generic tentacle-monster trope that we already saw in The Force Awakens and again in Rogue One. 

The one thing everyone wanted to see was Alden Ehrenreich as the titular, Han Solo. Unfortunately, his character was probably the most lackluster part of these teasers.

I’m reluctant to blame Ehrenreich’s performance on that yet, however. The first teaser played it safe, with minimal dialogue and only one brief look at his face. We got to see a lot more of Ehrenreich in the second teaser trailer, but there were no opportunities for him to shine as the character.

The teases introduced us to new, interesting characters and gave us a look at what the story might be. From a Millenium Falcon in pristine condition, a new, four-armed monkey creature and the standout from the teaser, Donald Glover — who in only a few seconds — has already embodied the essence of Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Calrissian.

I am still very excited about returning to the Star Wars galaxy again to look at non-Skywalker characters.