Clouds today, sun tomorrow


Muncie, IN (NewsLink Indiana) -- Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone's out enjoying the weather on this nice Tuesday Afternoon!

Today: We're looking forward to a high of 63 degrees this afternoon with Mostly Cloudy skies. With that said - we might be able to get some peaks of sunshine this afternoon and this evening, which may allow the temperatures to feel warmer than our current predicted high. Make sure to grab those sunglasses just in case!

Tonight: Clouds clearing out of the area during the overnight hours will allow us to drop to a low of 44 degrees tonight. This may also make us grab a jacket on the way out the door tomorrow morning - but have no fear! We return to sunny skies and mid-60s temperatures tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow: Tomorrow we're expecting a chilly start to the day, but we're in for a treat tomorrow - almost an exact copy of today, except we'll have a lot more sun! You might need jackets to kick off the day, but by the afternoon, you won't need them anymore. Tomorrow's the only "Clear" day in the forecast - so make sure to go outside and enjoy the weather!

7-Day: Dry conditions today and tomorrow will be nice - but take a look at the warm-up for Thursday! Definitely looking like a nice start to the weekend on Saturday, but those clouds will build into the area during the afternoon and evening hours. We'll have a good chance for thunderstorms on Sunday - and that'll start us off on Monday with a day very similar to today.

-- NewsLink Indiana Weather Forecaster Adam Grimes

NewsLink Indiana is a proud Ambassador for the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation program. For more information about the Weather-Ready Nation program please click HERE


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