Editor's note: The following letter was written by a slate running for the Student Government Association 2017-18 executive board. The letter was not edited by the Daily News.

To our fellow Students, Faculty, and Ball State Community,

As the 2017 SGA elections continue throughout this week, Our Slate OPTiC has been given the opportunity to write a letter to the student body. We hope that this letter will show you that the members of OPTiC are students just like you and if elected, we would remember that our job is to be the voice of the student body and as such are called to listen to each and every student in order to truly understand the concerns and hopes of our community.

With that being said,

We are OPTiC. Our slate is comprised of four dedicated students that come from every walk of life. We are involved in organizations on campus ranging from ADA to Greek Life, Housing to Speech and Debate teams, Multicultural organizations and everywhere in between. We have taken the time to approach the student body and started an open dialogue in order to learn about what students want from a Student Government and how we can represent their voices as a collective whole.

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Throughout this process we have been grateful to learn more about the immense amount of diversity that exists on Ball State’s Campus. Each and every student has a story to tell, and we are here to make sure those voices are heard to foster in a new vision for Ball State.

If elected, we hope to promote Insight, Innovation, and Inclusion on our campus. We plan on doing so by following through with our platform points and listening to what students, organizations, and faculty need from us. These platform points include 9 solid plans on how we intend on making our campus better. Some of these platform points include: Promoting Mental Health Initiatives on Campus, Mobilizing the Discussion about implementing OpenStax Free Core Curriculum Textbooks on Campus, and Initiating a 5-year Art Plan through the Art Department.

Our other points are focused on multicultural and diversity advancement, campus safety, enhancing resources provided by the school, and raising awareness of diversity resources on campus.

We believe that every student on campus should feel that they have a voice, and we want to be that voice for you.

Please find more about our slate, our platform points, and our ideas on how to make this campus a better place for all on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter at @2017optic.

And remember, voting is Monday February 27th and Tuesday February 28th. We want to encourage every student to vote and get involved as much as possible.

OPTiC hopes to have your vote to create a fresh new vision for Student Government and Ball State University as a whole.


Greg Carbo- President

Katy Volikas- Vice President

Kaia Thompson- Treasurer

Lizzie Ford- Secretary