As a new semester begins, the Student Government Association continues to push their platform points forward.

The first item on their docket: trying to eliminate oppression on campus.

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In doing so, Ball State SGA members will be attending a conference on Jan. 14 at IUPUI to meet with members of student government at other universities regarding sexual assault and hate crimes. 

“We will discuss how we can combat sexual assault through programming, education on the issue, and resources available to the survivors of sexual assault,” SGA president James Wells said.

Wells also said that new mobile apps that give students an easier way to reach law enforcement officials or victim services will also be discussed.

“We are also going to expand the conversation on Ball State’s behalf to talk about hate crimes in Indiana,” he said.

According to SGA’s recent legislation that called for the meeting with other universities, Indiana is one of five states that has no hate crime legislation.

“We need to see what we can do to encourage the state to pass legislation that would make hate crimes a particular target within a different class of punishment within Indiana’s law,” Wells said.

In addition to the conference, SGA is also working on resolutions for gender housing inclusivity, student appreciation day and a resolution for a dead week.

A dead week, Wells said, would allow students to prepare for finals without unexpected assignments or added stress. He also said that having a dead day on the Monday of finals week would be more ideal for Ball State students.

“Instead of just getting rid of that day, we are looking to incorporate a time where teachers, professors and students can go over any last-minute information in regards to the finals,” Wells said.

Another large platform — a Muncie appreciation day — would encourage different organizations around the Muncie and Ball State communities to work together to boost relations between students and community members.

“We are hoping that with appreciation work we can bridge that gap," Wells said. "We want to get the presence of Ball State out into Muncie."