The fall season officially starts on Sept. 22, and the University Program Board is helping students celebrate with their annual Fall Fest. UPB will be hosting Fall Fest on Sept. 22 from 6 to 9 p.m. at LaFollette Field. 

UPB hosts the festival to welcome the new season, said Jazzmyne Wilson, UPB director of special events. 

"I think it just gets people out ... especially this is the time of the year where the semester is really starting to pick up," Wilson said. "Things are getting real, so [it's] kinda just a little pick-me-up."

The event also serves as a way for students to get out of their dorm to interact with peers.

"[Fall Fest] keeps people involved in things going on the campus, even though school is starting to get real and stressful, just try to relieve some of that stress," Wilson said. 

Fall Fest activities will include an inflatable corn maze, laser tag and a Euro Bungee. Chili and caramel apples will also be served. 

In addition to the fall theme activities, UPB will have a dreamcatcher craft and ceramic pumpkins to paint, an idea Wilson suggested after seeing the success of UPB's past D.I.Y events.

"I noticed that a lot of students like doings things that are crafty, D.I.Y things, so I thought that would be something fun to do," Wilson said. "I think that will be something really fun because we have had such good turnouts."

Fall Fest is open to all students on campus.

"It is a event where everyone is welcome and it's something that I feel like isn't specifically directed to just one group of people — it's something where everyone can come out and enjoy and do activities together," Wilson said.

Students can also get involved by volunteering with UPB. If interested, students can contact UPB or go to the event early to help set up. 

"I'm just really hoping that all the students have a great time and obviously to get people more interested in UPB," Wilson said. "For me, UPB feels a lot like a family. It's also ... like a voice for the students on campus."