What does the SGA Executive Cabinet actually do?

Editor's note: Carli Scalf, Sophie Gordon and Kellen Hazelip work for the Daily News. 

As Summit, the new executive slate, held its first student senate meeting of their term in SGA, a new executive cabinet was voted into office by senate. 

However, many students, and even some student senators, don’t really know what the cabinet does within SGA. 

Meet the new cabinet and find out what they do.

Chief-of-Staff: Cat Anagnos

Position Description: In charge of carrying out the slate’s platform points by working with other members of the cabinet.

Anagnos will be a sophomore in the 2016-17 school year and is a journalism news major with a minor in political science. She said she started off with Summit as a volunteer worker during campaigning and moved up the ranks to become the slate's campaign manager. 

After being so involved in the slate, Anagnos said she wanted to take on her role of chief-of-staff because of the passion she developed toward their cause. Anagnos said she is looking forward to meeting students around campus.

“It's pretty much impossible to be involved in every club and organization on campus that I would like to, but being chief-of-staff really will give me those opportunities to get involved in different areas of campus,” she said.

Deputy Chief-of-Staff: Jaren Wilt

Position Description: Acts as assistant to the chief-of-staff and to the executive board.

Wilt will be a junior marketing major in the upcoming school year. He said he believes he is the best person for this position because he brings a previously non-SGA perspective to the cabinet.

“I believe that the SGA Executive Board and Cabinet should have a balance between people with SGA experience and people without any experience with SGA,” Wilt said.

Press Secretary: Sophie Gordon

Position Description: In charge of writing press releases, organizing press conferences and acting as the go-between for SGA and the media.

Gordon will be a junior journalism news major. She said she will be serving as the press secretary because she believes SGA is an influential and important organization on campus and she wants to keep students informed on its happenings. Gordon said she is looking forward to the changes SGA will bring.

Secretary of Diversity: Gabby Lloyd

Position Description: Act as the liaison between the multicultural student organizations and the executive.

Lloyd will be a junior telecommunications major. She will be helping to promote multicultural events around campus through SGA.

Secretary of Justice: Ross Meenagh

Position Description: Recruit students to serve on the judicial court and file and organize cases for the court to hear and serve as acting clerk.

Meenagh will be a senior legal studies major in the 2016-17 school year. He said he believes he is the best person for his position because of his major and personality.

“I'm very outgoing and well spoken and I've been involved with a lot of different things at Ball State," he said. "I also think I'll provide a really unique perspective to the cabinet because I have absolutely no SGA experience."

Secretary of Social Justice: Michele Owen

Position Description: Organize programs and events designed to promote dialogue about social justice issues on campus.

Owen will be a senior psychology major with a minor in interpersonal relations and plans on going into counseling work as well as work with human trafficking victims. 

She said she is most excited to work alongside passionate and committed individuals as well as for the opportunities ahead of her.

“I hope to help create a network between students so that we, as a community, can learn from each other and campaign for social justice in a holistic manner,” she said. “I am excited for the opportunity to raise awareness about inequality and injustice in our society; in the words of William Wilberforce, ‘You can choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.’”

Secretary of University Governance: Branden Jones

Position Description: In charge of finding students to fill positions within different committees in the university level as well as keep track of committee meetings.

Jones will be a junior with a double major in political science and classical studies. He has been in SGA for the past two years and has held the Credentials Board Chair position in SGA. Jones said he is looking forward to making change.

“I am most looking forward to changing the position a bit so that way it is more transparent and to provide the minutes or open positions for any student to view, not just senators,” he said.

Archivist: Tyler Sparkman

Position Description: Assess, collect and determine what steps SGA can take to better operations in the future.

Sparkman will be a senior telecommunications major in the fall. He said he is the best person for his position because he is extremely organized and innovative.

“I enjoy making sure things are planned, organized and executed," Sparkman said. "I'm also a good fit for the job because I am good at figuring out what has and has not worked in the past, and figure out what steps we can take to better things in the future."

Secretary of Governmental Affairs: Joe Clabough

Position Description: Responsible for keeping up with and monitoring federal, state and local legislation and policy that would pertain to higher education and more specifically Ball State.

Clabough will be a senior political science major in the upcoming school year with a foundations of business minor. He said this position suits him because he already follows many of the requirements of the position on a day-to-day basis due to his interest in the subject. He has also already established relations with many local and state officials. 

Clabough said he has always regretted not joining SGA, but was glad when Summit approached him.

“I look forward to working alongside SGA and working with our local officials to strengthen and provide strong governmental relations,” he said.

Secretary of Student Safety: JT Ellison

Position Description: Report to the Student Senate Safety committee on all matters concerning student’s safety on campus.

Ellison will be a senior in the fall and has previously served as a student senator in SGA. He will be working to establish rapport with the University Police Department and the Muncie Police Department.

Secretary of Academic Affairs: Carli Scalf

Position Description: Responsible for monitoring and making recommendations for changes to the academic policy as well as work closely with the academic affairs committee.

Scalf will be a sophomore English and journalism magazine major for the 2016-17 school year. She has served on the academic affairs committee for the past year and believes she will be a good fit for the position because of it. 

She said her experience within senate has given her an introduction to how student government operates, and this will aid her in tackling problems. She is looking forward to being involved.

“I have enjoyed my time on senate, but I believe this new position will allow me to help the student body in new and exciting ways,” Scalf said.

Secretary of Student Services: Michael Santos

Position Description: Works with administrators to address issues related to the Health Center, Counseling Center, Housing and Residence Life, Dining Services, Student Legal Services and other services open to the student body.

Santos will be a junior political science major in the upcoming year. He has served as the Noyer Complex representative in student senate as well as being a member of the Student Service Committee. He said one of his motivations for SGA was to give students a meaningful experience at Ball State.

“We will all have dedicated several years of our lives to this university by the time we leave, and I believe we should be able to get the most out of that time as possible,” he said. “I’m looking forward to making sure that students are getting the most out of their four years here at Ball State.”

Secretary of Environmental Affairs: Mallory Thatch

Position Description: Works as a liaison between the sustainable groups on campus and the executive cabinet.

Thatch will be a junior urban planning and development major with a minor in sustainability. She said her minor and passion for the environment is why she will work well in her position. 

“This position is important because climate change is real and we need to do our part in mitigating the effects that it will have on this planet before it is too late," Thatch said. "I am mostly looking forward to working as a group to make a difference on campus."

SGA has also added a communications team that will be new to the 2016-17 term and will work closely with the executive cabinet. Members include: communications director Allison Gregory, deputy communications director Erika Espinoza, videographer Cole Callahan and photographer Kellen Hazelip. 


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