Disney offers 'magical' internship opportunities

Because many Ball State programs require internships to receive a degree, picking the right internship can easily become difficult.

For some students, they found they answer to their problem in Disney.

The Disney College Program is an internship described by former participants as an "unforgettable adventure."

Former participants in the 2010 Spring Semester program, as well as campus representatives Sarah Janiga and Kaitlyn Caraway, held an informational meeting Thursday night in the Whitinger Business Building.

Janiga, junior public relations and marketing double major, said one of the major aspects of the Disney internship is that unlike many other internships, it is a paid position. As well as receiving a paycheck, "cast members," as Disney employees are called, are also privy to other amenities that the average college internship usually doesn't offer.

Cast members receive major perks for working for the Disney Company: anything from free park access to discounts and sneak previews of different movies and attractions by the company.

Similar to other internships, the Disney College Program offers college credit, but this is something that Janiga stresses participants have planned out before they enter the internship.

"The most important aspect for learning is that you need to talk to your parents and your advisor," Janiga said.

Participants in the internship can apply to either Disneyland in California or Walt Disney World in Florida.

Both Caraway and Janiga completed their internships at Walt Disney World. They said it offered a great opportunity to network. More internship opportunities are available in Florida due to the size of the park, which in turn lets participants meet a wider range of people.

The two campus representatives also emphasized the importance of knowing a second language. They said knowing another language can greatly affect an applicant's chance at the internship.

Although the internship includes many fun aspects, there are also some elements that could be seen as cons.

For example, the company places a large emphasis on appearing clean cut and traditional.

"They don't do that to cramp your style," Janiga said. "They do it for the history."

The program is currently recruiting for the Spring Semester, with applications due no later then mid-November.

For more information or to apply, visit the Disney College Program website at cp.disneycareers.com.


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