'Party school' reputation not proud achievement

Dear editor,

As an alumnus of Ball State University, I take great pride in my school. That is why I was shocked to see a recent headline stating that Ball State was "in the shadow of IU" regarding status as a party school.

First, being known as a "party school" is not necessarily something of which to be proud. I have repeatedly defended Ball State when someone mentions its long-standing reputation as a party school. Such irresponsible journalism is not commonplace in a normally well-produced student newspaper like the DAILY NEWS.

Ball State is a fun university to attend, and I spent many nights partying here. However, the reputation Ball State garnered years ago has done nothing to help the school in the eyes of potential employers, who would much rather hire a graduate from a serious academic institution than a party school. I have seen it happen.

The administration has spent countless amounts of time and money trying to rid Ball State of the party school image. I am tired of hearing about the image, and I know others are as well.

Printing the drunken exploits of underage students was not the smartest idea, either.

The DAILY NEWS is not a tabloid, so please exercise some caution in the future.

Matthew Holland



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