Republican Write: Winter Olympics symbolize freedoms

The 2002 Olympic Winter Games have begun and we see the strength from many nations who come together in athletic competition, despite differences in each other's way of life. Half a world away, the nations that form the "axis of evil" are also coming together, each desperately trying to complete the deadliest weapon they can create to destroy one country before it can destroy them.

Iranian President Mohammad Khatami of Iran stated last week that a large turnout of Iranians would show that the nation is united in "defending the country's honor and independence."

For Americans, it is puzzling how demonstrations filled with men shouting at effigies of President George W. Bush with flaming torches over their heads shows honor. It is even more difficult to see the independence of a nation where women keep low profiles simply so their "honorable" husbands do not beat them to death.

Saturday, the deputy commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard warned on Iranian television that his forces would destroy oil fields outside Iraq if the United States threatens Iran.

One thing we can be sure of is the more vocal Iran gets in its anti-American sentiments, and the more they threaten to use "whatever means necessary" to strike back at our nation, the sooner the United States will be setting up an interim government in Iran after we turn the country into a big parking lot.

North Korea, another country recognized by Bush as part of the "axis of evil," claims "Bush's remarks at the U.S. Congress clearly proves how crazy he has become in pursuing the hostile policy to stifle the (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)."

To the North Koreans, maybe it is a crazy idea to stand up for freedom and democracy, because that is something they've never experienced. How is a nation supposed to view something they are afraid to try themselves? The only thing they know how to do is threaten with violence and suppression because they know of no other way.

Our nation is hosting a great event of unity this season in Salt Lake City, Utah, while at the same time being persecuted from abroad by countries that harbor terrorists and can't even fathom the true meaning of unity. These countries hold demonstrations focusing hatred toward our ideals and sometimes kill their own people if they don't agree with the ruling government.

It is clear to me the Olympic games symbolize a blow to countries without freedoms greater than that of any weapon or strategic attack. Nations such as "the axis of evil" will lose to democratic countries like the United States. They'll lose with the belief that military supremacy is the only way to stand up for "independence" and "unity."

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