Largest Turnout for University Senate forum

No one at the forum supported the current system

With 24 people attending, members of the University Senate's Governance Task Force said they were pleased with the turnout at the College of Communications, Information, and Media forum Thursday.

According to University Senate Chairman John Emert, 30 percent of the college attended the forum, the largest turnout of the four forums already held.

Unlike previous forums, the discussion questioned the need for a governance change. None of the 24 wanted the current system. The University Senate revised model received 14 votes, and the faculty senate model got 10 votes.

Task force members Mark Popovich and Renee Twibell also addressed concerns about the representation of contract faculty and the process of moving legislation.

The faculty present said they were concerned if contract faculty were going to have any voice in either model. Popovich and Twibell said contract faculty can voice their opinions through the referendum process if it is adopted.

"There is a fear that legislation never gets through the system," Popovich said.

Popovich said there is also a lack of attention to the issue.

"There is a general apathy and lack of concern," Popovich said, "A lot of faculty problems with the system never came out because people seem to not care."

Professor of telecommunications Steve Bell said apathy was a strong word to characterize those who do not want change.

Emert encouraged those in attendance to keep interest in the restructuring.

"University Senate representatives need to hear your voice," Emert said. "There is always room for visitors at senate meetings."


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