Conquer the mountain

It can take days for a party of seasoned adventurers to climb a mountain, but it only takes a matter of minutes for a brave soul to descend one. The Winter Olympics showcases athletes who can do it even faster than that. Flying down a snow-covered mountain on skis - and as of the 1998 games in Nagano, Japan, on snowboards as well - the athletes of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games will risk life and limb in a bid for international fame and glory. Make it to the bottom faster than anyone else, and be catapulted into the spotlight of lucrative commercials and late-night talkshow appearances. Come up short, and spend years wondering what might have been. Either way, these athletes will decide their fates while tearing down a mountain at break-neck speeds.


Graphics and stories researched, written and executed by Roxanne Allen, Dan Cooper, Sam Gibbs, Mike Podgorny, Emmet Smith and Dustin Urbanski/Daily News Staff

SOURCES:,, Deer Valley Mountain Resort,


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