Six Ball State bands to perform at Pruis Hall

T-com Department hosts show mixed with music, comedy.

Six bands featuring students from Ball State will be performing tonight in the Battle of the Bands on the Pruis Hall stage.

Hosted by the Telecommun-ications Department's National Broadcasting Society, the show will include an eclectic mix of music and some comedy. The bands scheduled to be perform are Shinky, Used, The Andy Ober Orchestra, Northern Kind, The Flu and Atticus.

Each band will have 20 to 25 minutes to showcase its musical talent. The winner of the evening will be awarded a percentage of the profits from the night, Kassi Coyault, the Alumni Coordinator of the National Broadcasting Society, said.

Junior Mike May, guitar player for The Flu, described the sound of his band as very unique, commenting on the lineage of the band.

"If Led Zeppelin and Primus had a baby, and Nirvana and Pizzarelli had a baby, then those two babies had a baby, it would be called The Flu," May said.

The Flu has been together for a year and a half with the recent addition of freshman Bob Seaton on lead vocals and guitar. Other band members include Kerrie O'Donnell on bass guitar and Chris Corbit on drums.

The Andy Ober Orchestra brings its own unique sound to Pruis tonight as well. Senior Andy Ober described the band's music as a comedic style, featuring parodies.

"It's humorous, like Weird Al," Ober said. "We take a song people know and change the words to make people laugh."

Members of the Andy Ober Orchestra have been together for six years. Ober is a telecommunications major and writes and sings the band's songs. Other members include lead guitarist Grant Sarbinoff, drummer Eric Laue and bass guitarist Guy Kairouya.

According to Ober, a unique aspect about the band is that its proceeds go to various charities. Recently, The Andy Ober Orchestra performed in Pruis and sold its album, "Hidden Track." All proceeds from the concert went to the American Cancer Society.

Shinky will also be sharing the stage tonight. Sophomore Kyle Ferguson said the band focuses on the rock alternative style of music. Shinky does various shows for student organizations on campus, as well as shows in Indianapolis, Lafayette, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio.

Members of Shinky include Ferguson on drums and back-up vocals, Michael Bookmeyer on lead vocals and Quinn Leigitt on bass guitar.

Atticus and Used will also be performing tonight. Members of both bands will be traveling great distances to come to Ball State. Atticus is from West Lafayette and Used is from Cayuga.

The show begins at 8 p.m. and continues until 11 p.m. at Pruis Hall. The cost is $2 for students with ID and $3 for non-students.