LETTER: Dakich's comments reflect his juvenile attitude to losing

Dear editor:

I am writing this letter in response to Bowling Green basketball head coach Dan Dakich's comments in the article "Bowling Green coach unleashes support for Lynch, condemns booers." His comments should definitely make his former boss Bobby Knight and co-worker Mike Davis proud. Dakich has shown he is a poor loser.

Dakich said, "If Ball State people boo Billy Lynch, then those students who do are dumber than I thought." This is equivalent to when two elementary-aged children are fighting and one resorts to saying, "Well, you're stupid!"

If Dakich wants to talk about intelligence, how about his own players? They where stupid enough to listen to him when he instructed them to continue to foul late in the game when they had no chance to win.

Dakich also said, "Having graduated of the Ivy League of Indiana - Indiana University - I'm not sure how much of a regard we had for the intelligence of Ball State students anyway." Dakich has definitely shown that alumni of IU are much like those of Ivy League schools with his pompous, arrogant, "holier than thou" attitude. But his actions indicate that IU alums have intelligence more reminiscent of Ivy Tech.

As far as his defense of Billy Lynch, it is unfounded as well. I'm the loud guy with the megaphone and green hair and I have been to almost every game in my three years here at Ball State. I have even gone to some away games. I like Billy. I think he is a good player. I think he is a better football player, but that is a different story. One thing I have noticed is that the game in which we booed him the most (v. Central Michigan), he scored 12 points. In this past game against BG, he scored 5.

I think if we applaud Billy, he will feel the pressure to play well and choke. If we boo him, he feels no pressure and will play better than expected. So, I say boo Billy like he has never been booed before. Boo him during player introductions, boo him when he has the ball, boo him when he is at the free throw line, boo him when he makes shots. He will score 30 points! He has admitted that it doesn't bother him.

Finally, I would like to say that I look forward to playing Bowling Green again. I want to show Dakich just how stupid I am. I may even bring a sign making fun of his comb-over with misspelled words.

Paul Lowe


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