SGA calls for end to Saturday finals

If the Student Government Association has its way, Saturday finals will soon be eliminated.

The Saturday finals legislation, which encourages the university to do away with weekend finals, was passed unanimously by the Student Senate with limited discussion.

Senator Billie Laverghetta provided the only discussion on the legislation, suggesting the language in an amendment ensuring students still get Labor Day off should be clearer.

Also at Wednesday's SGA meeting, graduate student Anthony Head from the governance committee task force addressed the Student Senate about two proposals to change the way the university's government systems are set up.

One proposal, Head told the senate, would restructure the current government system, which is composed of the Student Senate and University Senate.

This proposal, Head said, would put the Student Senate "on the map." University Senate would be required to recognize legislation passed by SGA, instead of having the ability to continually table it.

The other proposal, called the faculty model, would create two new senates in addition to the Student Senate, according to Head. One senate would be faculty, the other would professional personnel.

SGA President Tommy Rector said he supports parts of both systems. He said he likes the committee structure of the revised current system, but the hierarchy of the faculty model.

However, Rector said the current system, along with both proposals do not accurately represent the university.

"A majority of the university is students, yet we're the smallest number in this whole system," Rector said.

Rector also said he has made suggestions to involve more students in the governance process, but did not mention how.

Reducing SGA presidential requirements legislation was also introduced to the entire Student Senate Wednesday after being tabled last week.

The legislation would reduce the GPA and credit hour requirements students must meet in order to run for the executive office. The GPA requirement, which is currently 2.7, would be reduced to 2.0. The credit hour requirement, which is currently 45, would be reduced to 12.

Legislation author Ryan Tirre said the reductions were not set in stone, but could be amended by senators. SGA will vote on the legislation on Jan. 9.


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