Show promises excitement despite low ticket sales

Karla Bonoff brings folk music to Emens

Despite low ticket sales the University Program Board has had for "Family Weekend," optimism runs high for the upcoming events.

"Frankly we are getting a low turnout for all shows this weekend," said Janice Altland, UPB assistant director.

But the UPB hopes that both students and parents will come to see the singer and piano player Karla Bonoff tonight at 9. Tickets are $10.

"I've been listening to her for years," said Altland. "She's always been around and she's a great singer."

Bonoff writes many of her own songs, and her material tends to be catchy enough for other artists to borrow, Altland said.

Among the list of artists who have used songs written by Bonoff are Linda Ronstadt, Aaron Neville, Bonnie Raitt and Wynonna Judd.

Bonoff got her start in music at age 15. She quickly learned guitar and piano, and throughout the course of her career, she has recorded albums with musicians such as Don Henley and Peter Frampton. She became friends with other song writers and singers such as Kenny Edwards, who will also play in Friday night's show.

Altland said that Bonoff was chosen as the entertainer for this year's "Family Weekend" because of her relaxing style of folk music and because parents might be familiar with her.

Though many events occurring at Emens allow students to get free tickets, this one does not.

Altland said this was because of the tight budget for the weekend, and that tickets sales would help pay for the event. The show was scheduled the later in the evening so that traveling parents would have the opportunity to arrive in time to see the show.

Altland also expressed concern that slow ticket sales might be because of people's apprehension to travel due to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and people are wanting to conserve money. She said that other universities are having the same problems getting people to come to events, but she encourages students and parents to get out and have fun.

"My feeling is that if I had a son or daughter at school, you couldn't stop me from being there," she said.

This performance is supposed to be more relaxing and laid back than in previous years.

"Comedy is a little dangerous sometimes," Altland said. "It'll be a good weekend. I just hope that people decide to come."


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