SGA members discuss Saturday finals issue

Senator's Rebuttal

After reading the Nov. 5 editorial concerning SGA, we realized it might be helpful if we cleared up some misperceptions about the Saturday Finals legislation and SGA.

As senators in SGA, it is our responsibility to bring the concerns of the student body to the administration and faculty through legislation. Therefore, it is our job to take concerns that are brought to us by the students and draft them into legislation. The editorial on Monday stated "SGA could find more important things to do...".

In response we question "What is more important than an issue brought to us by students?" Saturday finals have been an issue in SGA, dating back to the Gray administration in 1998, and now legislation has been researched and drafted. Each year, at least one student has asked SGA if something could be done about Saturday finals? It is not the intent of this legislation to take another academic day out of the year, but we do recognize that this is one option to eliminating Saturday finals. This legislation is not asking for another vacation day; it is simply asking the university for a consistent finals schedule for both academic semesters.

Student senators in SGA work on the issues that they recognize around campus, but more importantly they work on issues that are brought to them by the constituents they represent. If anyone feels that there are more important issues that SGA should be addressing, they are more than welcome to suggest those issues to Student Senate. In fact this is encouraged. We also invite anyone to attend an academic affairs committee meeting to better understand the complexity and range of the issues discussed pertaining to the improvement of the academic programs at Ball State.

For now we will continue to work towards the elimination of Saturday finals, because it is an important student issue, and that is our priority as student senators. As for SGA, we will continue to work for the students by representing their vote and voice on campus.


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