SGA delays Saturday finals elimination vote

Student Government Association's academic affairs committee let legislation abolishing Saturday finals die in order to do more research.

The legislation was tabled last week so senators could discuss the matter with University Senate chairman John Emert.

At-large senator Nick Zuniga, who co-authored the legislation with committee chairwoman Megan Pickens, decided to kill the bill after discussing the issue with Emert.

"We hit a few roadblocks," Zuniga said. "We're going to give it a few weeks, do some more research and hopefully, at the end of the month, we'll see this out again."

Zuniga said he discussed many options with Emert. Neither he nor Pickens would comment on what the options were, but Pickens said all the options being considered by the committee involved getting rid of Saturday finals.

"There are things we can do to improve it and make it stronger," Pickens said of the legislation. "We're trying to see which way is the most student friendly."

While the student senate did not eliminate Saturday finals at its meeting Wednesday, two other resolutions were passed.

In a decision that divided the senate 24 to 11, SGA passed legislation that will create a student crises and management response team.

The team will consist of eight students, a faculty member and administrator appointed by SGA, according to student safety chairwoman Michelle Hildebrant. Students will come from major campus organizations such as SGA, Residence Halls Association and greek councils, Hildebrant said. Four at-large students will also be appointed.

Senators questioned what responsibilities the crises team would have. Hildebrant said students would act as liaisons between the university's crises team and students.

SGA president Tommy Rector said while the university has its response and management team of faculty and administrators, students have no where to go in a crisis situation.

"We're trying to find a way that the students can be involved," Rector said.

Other legislation passed Wednesday would place park benches outside of Studebaker East.


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