Residence halls ban smoking for 2002

Ball State University will make the switch to smoke-free residence halls next year. Cathy Bickel, associate director of Housing and Residence Life, said the change could lead to a healthier atmosphere in the dorms.

"There is a national trend toward non-smoking housing," said Bickel. "The trend is to be a more healthy individual in a more healthy environment."

"We [are getting] more and more complaints from students about second-hand smoke," she said. "There has been an increase in asthma and allergies."

There are currently almost 200 smoking rooms in LaFollette Complex. Most of these rooms are double-occupancy, so there are about 400 spaces for smoking students in campus housing.

"We have gradually decreased the number of smoking rooms, and next year is the year we go smoke-free," said Bickel.

According to Bickel, other universities simply eliminated smoking all at once.

Smoking is currently prohibited in any common area, hallway, restroom, lounge, elevator or entranceway. Smoking is also prohibited near air intake vents. These policies stand regardless of whether smoking is allowed in the student rooms of the hall.


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