'Asian-American Month' declared

BSU community should acknowledge Asian culture beyond stereotypes.

Have you hugged an Asian American today?

If not hug one, at least get to know one.

On Monday President Blaine Brownell signed a proclamation declaring November Asian-American Month at Ball State.

Although the Asian American Student Association has used November in the past to celebrate cultural diversity and understanding, THE DAILY NEWS applauds Brownell's action to heighten campus awareness.

Asian Americans have a sustained presence on campus, and it is important that the student body and faculty are more informed of the diversity of Asian culture.

Improving diversity begins on the student level. Students need to be responsible in clearing the uncertainty of knowledge many Americans have for Asian culture.

As AASA makes strides in improving Asian-American relations on campus, take a moment to talk to people of disparate backgrounds.

Learn the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. Know that there are more ethnicities than the aforementioned: Vietnamese, Filipinos, Laotians, Thai... the list goes on.

Know that they don't necessarily have the fighting capabilities of Jackie Chan, and they aren't just computer science majors with exceptional math skills.

There is more to the average Asian American than the thin veil that certain stereotypes and media place on them.


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