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‘My Hero Academia’ Season 3, Episode 7: “What a Twist!”

05/26/2018 4:17pm

 This episode wrapped up an arc and began the next one. It dealt a lot  with the aftermath of the attack, and highlighted what UA is going to do  next. The animation is beautiful and shows some interesting scenes. It  deals with the loss of a friend and how people feel about that. Overall,  the episode helps excite the viewer for what is coming up next. 

‘Deadpool 2’ puts forth maximum effort

05/26/2018 3:58pm

The humor in 'Deadpool 2' makes the movie worth watching and makes it an  enjoyable experience. It’s fun to try and catch all of the references.  The characters were enjoyable and grew throughout the movie. The action  looked awesome, and the humor even showed up in serious moments. 

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 3, Episode 6: “Roaring Upheaval”

05/22/2018 1:25pm

 This episode was a different take on the attack on the training camp  with some of Class 1-A being attacked by a classmate who cannot control  their quirk. All of the villains of the Vanguard Action Squad are shown,  and the viewer is able to see each creepy persona of the team. The  fighting once again looks beautiful, and the stakes appear to be at the  highest yet.  

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 3, Episode 5: “Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!!”

05/11/2018 1:15pm

This episode mainly focused on the action of a few fights with the  classmates given permission to go against the law and fight for their  lives, adding emotion to the suspense. The few highlighted fights showed  some interesting villains and their quirks, while showing how some  students struggle to fight against a real-threat. It’s not easy, and  this episode is sure to remind the viewer of that with each second. The  plot of the story arc progresses a lot in this episode, but the overall  storyline of the show is not impacted that much. 

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 3, Episode 3: “Kota”

04/28/2018 6:34pm

This episode is what makes My Hero Academia great. The minimal  flashbacks add to the drama, making the viewer feel for each and every  character. There are also some great scenes showcasing how powerful  quirks are getting while being pushed to the limit in the training camp.  This episode sets up for the drama and fight yet to come, and leaves  the viewer on the edge of their seat. It is a beautiful episode.