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10 Spanish-language TV shows you must watch on Netflix

04/10/2017 8:30am

Need a show to binge watch while you pretend to do homework? Netflix’s International queue has binge-worthy Spanish-language shows (with subtitles, of course). From comedies to dramatic telenovelas, these are the 10 must-watch shows.

Con Sabor: Chilaquiles

04/10/2017 8:30am

Chilaquiles is a traditional Mexican dish which can be made in many different ways, but it’s basically an alternative “nacho” dish.

I'll scramble your light: Ball State valentines

02/14/2016 2:24pm

The Daily News wants you to spread the love. Here are seven valentines to share with your crush, main squeeze, gal pals or Tinder date — whatever you've got going on this weekend. 

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