10 Spanish-language TV shows you must watch on Netflix

Need a show to binge watch while you pretend to do homework? Netflix’s International queue has binge-worthy Spanish-language shows (with subtitles, of course). From comedies to dramatic telenovelas, these are the 10 must-watch shows:

1. Rebelde: A group of high schoolers form a band at the boarding school.


Genre: Teen Telenovela

2. La Familia P. Luche: A crazy, malfunctioning and hilarious family living in Peluche who literally wear peluche (plush fabric).


Genre: Comedy

3. Rubi: Telenovela about a jealous woman who uses her beauty to get what she wants, including her best friend’s millionaire boyfriend .


Genre: Adult telenovela

4. Lo Que la Vida Me Robó: Telenovela about a traditional, patriarchal Mexican family where a wealthy mother marries off her daughter, Montserrat. She ultimately has to choose between her first boyfriend and her one true love.


Genre: Adult telenovela

5. Señora Acero: Drama about a woman who takes over her husband’s drug dealing business, while struggling to keep her son and family safe.


Genre: Crime TV show

6. El Chavo: One of the oldest Spanish-speaking TV shows. It features the adventures of El Chavo, a poor orphan, and his friends living at their vecindad.


Genre: Comedy

7. Ingobernable: Basically, the Mexican version of “Scandal.” The first lady of Mexico becomes the most wanted person in the country after a small murder confusion.


Genre: Drama / Crime TV show

8. La Rosa de Guadalupe: Series of episodes with different stories about people who encounter life problems and use the help of Virgin Mary for miracles.


Genre: Drama

9. Vecinos: A group of neighbors trying to live close to each other go about their everyday lives, often leading to, of course, some drama.


Genre: Comedy

10. Club de Cuervos: Sister and brother battle throughout the show to determine who takes control of their family’s business, a soccer team called “Los cuervos de Toledo.”


Genre: Comedy-drama


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