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DINNER FOR 2ISH: Pork chops

03/23/2017 12:08am

You can always find a good deal on pork chops. We've tried several recipes that lacked flavor, but this one is non-complex and simply tasty. 

DINNER FOR 2ISH: Basil-butter salmon

03/23/2017 12:06am

Warmer temperatures had us thinking of fresh basil and salmon, but polar bears also eat fish, so this is a dish that easily adapts to Indiana weather.


03/02/2017 12:53am

You could buy each of the spices and seasonings individually, but we prefer to buy a "skillet sauce" that perfectly seasons the fajita ingredients.

DINNER FOR 2ISH: Sauteed mushroom salad

02/10/2017 8:54am

Working on a 'spring break bod'? This salad is the level of delicious and simplicity you've come to expect from Dinner for 2ish without being too high in calories.

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