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Enchanted Luminaria Walk

12/04/2015 1:31pm

The Enchanted Luminaria Walk is an annual holiday event hosted by Minnetrista. The event is free, open to the public. Sam Condon, communications specialist at Minnetrista, said there will be something for people of all ages.

​Local Jewish community prepares for Hanukkah

12/03/2015 4:19pm

Candle lighting, spending time with family, giving gifts and children playing with dreidels are all things that come to mind when many people in Muncie and around the world think of Hanukkah.

Local candy shop gears up for the holidays

11/11/2015 10:23am

Lowery’s Candies specializes in making treats that you can’t get anywhere.With the holidays quickly approaching manager of Lowery’s Candies, Vicki Brown, says this season they will offer a few special treats.