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Black Friday Deals

After stuffing your face with turkey and taking a quick power nap, it’s time to get out to the shops. Yes, Black Friday, the most anticipated shopping day of the season. If you’re like me, you go for the excitement, and the people watching before going home and ordering everything online. Here are some deals you cannot miss.

by Sarah O'Beirne / 3:30am November 16th, 2018

Five ways to reduce Thanksgiving food guilt

Thanksgiving is a holiday I always think of as being very warm. Not because of the temperature outside, although this year has been uncharacteristically toasty late into November, but because of how I feel during the holiday. I’m back home with my family, I’ve usually seen my friends who have also come home to visit, I’m playing with my dogs, and I’m usually sporting a belly full of delicious, savory, high-calorie foods that will cause me guilt for weeks to come.

by Brittany Maule / 3:30am November 16th, 2018

The Perfect Airport Playlist

When we think of airports we think of big crowds, fast walking people and sometimes just straight chaos. The one thing that is known for calming nerves is music. Music is for the soul and when you are stressed and running from terminal to terminal in gigantic airports, music is the answer. Not all music will agree with all situations. Running through an airport is most definitely a situation where you want to have music set at the pace you are at. So, I am suggesting fast paced but yet entertaining music. In my opinion, this list of ten songs will get you through any busy airport with a smile on your face in the end; instead of crying in the bathroom hoping things turned out differently. The songs I add in this list may not all be upbeat songs but they are songs that will make you feel good.

by Cydnee Allen / 3:30am November 16th, 2018

Fly in Style!

Going back home from college or traveling somewhere for thanksgiving? Well you’re in luck! Here is all you need to know for the perfect airport outfit.

by Sophia Lahmers / 3:30am November 16th, 2018

2016 Popular Halloween Choices

Trick-or-Treat everyone! Halloween is on Monday and I couldn’t be more excited. Creativity is key when picking the custom clothing for a Halloween costume, and no one wants to see another scandalous dressed bunny or a guy wearing a scream mask, so really, try to dig deep and think of something spunky yet spooky.

by Sophia Lahmers / 3:30am November 16th, 2018

5 Not So Scary...Scary Movies

Whether you’re ready or not Halloween is approaching. Yes, you can watch horror movies anytime of the year, but there is something special about curling up on the couch with some apple cider and watching your favorite seasonal movies around Halloween. We all know of super scary horror movies such as Halloween, The Exorcist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A nightmare on Elm Street and so on. While some of us live for the super scary, gory movies, others prefer the not-so-scary ones. If that’s you- here are five movies you need to watch. These films won’t keep you up at night, but will still get you in the spooky mood!

by Levi Sebree / 3:30am November 16th, 2018

Top 5 Halloween (of age) Drinks

Too old for trick-or-treating? Partying with friends this Halloween? Well with the 31st being just a few days away, why not celebrate with a drink or two?! I’m not just talking your average Long Island from Brothers or that favorite cold six pack of beer you enjoy, but something to really get you in the “spirit”. Introducing your Top 5 spooky special drinks to get your Halloween turned up.

by Ally Edmonds / 3:30am November 16th, 2018

9 Photos Guaranteed to Make your Day

Halloween is the time of the year to dress up, let loose and have fun. The best part is that this fun can be shared with our pets! Who doesn’t love costumes on dogs and cats? I know when I see an animal dressed up I think it is the cutest thing in the world. So, to make your day a little are some adorable dogs and cats in Halloween costumes! Enjoy.

by Cydnee Allen / 3:30am November 16th, 2018

DIY- Halloween Costume Ideas Under $20

Halloween is approaching very quickly. In fact, only four more days until it’s acceptable to eat a pound of candy and dress up to be anything you want. For those of you juggling midterms and planning Halloween parties that haven’t had the time to get a costume for the big weekend, here are some easy DIY Halloween costumes YOU can make for under $20.

by Emily Goodwin / 3:30am November 16th, 2018