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Halloween is approaching very quickly. In fact, only four more days until it’s acceptable to eat a pound of candy and dress up to be anything you want. For those of you juggling midterms and planning Halloween parties that haven’t had the time to get a costume for the big weekend, here are some easy DIY Halloween costumes YOU can make for under $20.


What’s more fun than going out dressed up with friends? Group costumes are fun way to get all your friends into the Halloween spirit, especially when the costume is CHEAP and EASY to make. All you need for this costume is a large box, scissors and spray paint. Throw on black leggings underneath and a long-sleeved black shirt and you and your best friend can be a pair of dice! Check out this tutorial on wikiHow to see how easy it is to make this Halloween costume for only about $15.


Snapchat Filter

Oooh the Snapchat filters we love. Want the floating butterflies or flower crown above your head in real life, not just when you look into your phone? This is such a cute idea for Halloween. It doesn’t take much time or effort and will have you looking even more fabulous than the filter could ever do.

Here’s what you need:

·      A headband that matches your hair color – $3 Claire’s

·      Artificial flowers or butterflies (sold at craft stores) – $5-$7 Hobby Lobby

·      Hot glue gun with glue – $4.99 Hobby Lobby

Glue the flowers or butterflies to the headband and ta-dah, a Snapchat filter in real life! As for makeup, make sure to brighten the eyes with lots of glitter and plump up lips with some nude lip gloss. Slip on a cute sweater dress or anything comfortable to dance the night away at all the Halloween parties over the weekend.

Sandy from Grease

How about a costume that’s sexy without having to show a lot of skin? No look is sexier than Sandy’s skin tight leather pants and off the shoulder crop top from Grease. Anyone can get this look. If you don’t have a pair of leather pants, black leggings will make your bum look just as great! 

Get this off the shoulder top for only $7.99

Pair this with a deep red lipstick, some staggering high heels and large hoop earrings and you’ll have every guy, not just the “T”- Birds drooling!

Happy Haunting, Witches