The Student Government Association started making preparations for the spring executive board elections in its last meeting of the semester Dec. 7.

The senate approved the Elections Board, which organizes every aspect of the SGA election. The board plans debates and reports violations against the Election Code.

The students on the board are:

  • Chair: Carrie-Ann Staggs, a senior political science and legal studies major
  • Sherrif: Destinnee Burrell, a senior legal studies major
  • Secretary: Kylie Yapp, a senior legal studies major
  • Debate Coordinator: Lafayette Jordan, a junior political science major
  • Press Secretary: Sammi Coppedge, a senior public relations major
  • Voting member: Victoria Voelkel, a junior hospitality and food management major
  • Treasurer: Chrissy Tran, a senior finance major

SGA also approved the Student Judicial Court, which deals with student violations inside and outside of SGA. It also deals with election fine repeals.

The members of the Student Judicial Court are:

  • Jake Butz, a senior health science major
  • Sammi Coppedge, a senior public relations major
  • Mitchell Dudley, a graduate studying business administration
  • Bailey Rena Frecker, a senior accounting/business administration major
  • Lindsay Grant, a sophomore public relations major
  • Michael Mares, a junior psychology/philosophy major
  • Arlesha Moore, a senior criminal justice major
  • Ashley Remmel, a junior political science/legal studies
  • Jaren Wilt, a junior marketing major