After two members of Ball State's Board of Trustees requested to resign in December, Governor Mike Pence announced one of his new appointments on July 7.

Jean Ann Harcourt, a Ball State alumna from Rush County, will serve an unexpired four-year term.

She graduated in 1975 with an undergraduate degree in business administration. 

Rick Hall — chairman

Frank Hancock — vice chair (resigned on Dec. 17)

Thomas C. Bracken – secretary

Marianne Glick – assistant secretary (resigned on Dec. 17)

Renae Conley

R. Wayne Estopinal

Hollis E. Hughes Jr.

Matt Mompez

Dustin Meeks — student representative

Harcourt is currently the CEO of her family company, which originally started in 1956 as Harcourt Outlines Co. She leads the company alongside her brother Joe, also a Ball State alumnus. 

Harcourt Industries, Inc., based in Milroy, Indiana, created a pencil-making machine back in the 50s, and today sells other custom school supplies, political campaign signs, student planners and more. 

Harcourt was featured in the Miller College of Business' alumni magazine in 2003, which told her and Joe's story of their success with the business.

In the past, she served as the first female chair of the Indiana Manufacturers Association. 

Along with his appointment to Ball State's Board of Trustees, Pence also selected Malcolm S. DeKryger to serve on the Purdue University Board of Trustees and Ellis S. Redd to serve on the University of Southern Indiana Board of Trustees.