Ball State's Residence Hall Association hosted a competition today to see which residence hall had the skill to be Ball State's next "Iron Chef."

The teams had to create two dishes that included at least one of the secret ingredients: limes, plantains and sweet potatoes. One of the teams participating this year from Noyer Complex decided to use all three of the ingredients in their dishes.

The team made lime chicken with rice and a sweet potato with a honey, butter, brown sugar and cinnamon glaze for the first dish and ice cream with fried plantains and fudge sauce for the second dish.

As an added challenge, contestants had to buy all of their ingredients at the university dining halls. Kaytianna Porter, the leader of Team Peaches, said they chose to get the majority of their ingredients from Woodworth because of the variety. 

The teams had an hour to create the two dishes.

Then RHA President Marie Prevost, Student Government Association President Pro Tempore Jack Hesser and Dehority Hall Director Bart Upah judged the dishes.

The winning team this year was #Team Turn-ip from Brayton and Clevenger halls.