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Assistant lecturer of media design Leo Caldwell poses for a photo Feb. 20 near Shafer Tower. Grace Duerksen, DN

Ball State professors reflect on their experiences in the LGBTQ community.

It’s the first day of classes at Ball State. Leo Caldwell, assistant lecturer of media design, is ready to welcome a new group of students to his classes, prepared to teach them all he knows about journalism and design. Students file into the classroom, filling the empty desks around the room and preparing themselves for what they are about to learn in Caldwell’s class.  However, during Caldwell’s introduction, he includes a detail students may not know about him — Caldwell is transgender.

Getty Images, photo courtesy; Maggie Getzin, DN Design

Grieving without guilt

My relationship with my grandmother had always been strained. You would think it would make losing her easier, but it actually made it a lot harder. 

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