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The top 10 study abroad locations offered by Ball State

For the last couple years, COVID-19 has been an excuse for dismissing travel plans due to borders being closed and high chances of getting sick. Though COVID-19 is still a problem all over the world, life is beginning to return to normal, and with that, more study abroad opportunities are opening.

Graduate Assistant Matt Corn poses in front of Worthen Arena Nov. 9. Jacy Bradley, DN

A look into the world of dietetics and nutrition for Ball State athletes

Matt Corn interns with the Ball State Athletics Department and manages the fuel station at Worthen Arena. The fuel station, a dedicated space that supplies food and tips for athletes, is adjacent to the gym, so students can easily get nutrition help and refuel after their workout. Corn provides Gatorade, chocolate milk, protein bars, fruit and other foods designed to help them recharge. 

Alex Bracken, DN Photo Illustration; Dayna thompson, Photo Provided; NASA, Photo Courtesy

'In a Galaxy Far, Far Away'

The 3rd annual Astronomy Slam takes place Nov. 5 at 6:30 p.m. Presentation’s for this year’s Astronomy Slam include a tour of the night sky, the scale of the universe, the life cycle of stars and searching for another earth.


Art and All Its Forms

Ball State students in the Ceramics Lab work with lots of different kinds of clay, and for lots of different reasons. Two art students and a ceramics professor share their stories with the Ball State Daily News and reveal what the medium means to them.

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