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Vera Mae's Bistro is located in downtown Muncie, Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021, Muncie, Ind. (Katie Catterall/Ball Bearings Magazine)

Thank You Neighbors

COVID-19 changed what the word “normal” meant. Even when normal changes, you can always rely on your community to have your back, cook you a nice meal, and wave to you on the street.

Maggie Getzin, DN

Artful Ruckus: Planting wellness

Gardening is in my roots — pun intended. My mom started gardening because her parents raised her with it. Now, I’ve grown up racing my brother to our garden to see who could pick the most peppers, and who could collect the most flowers for my mom. My mom’s garden helped us learn the payoff of hard work, and how to make healthy choices with our food. 

Kami Geron, DN

Artful Ruckus: Thanksgiving is a bunch of stuffing

Waking up to the smell of meat and potatoes has to be every American’s dream. I guess I’m truly just unpatriotic because I don’t like — no, I despise — Thanksgiving. It’s just one more day until Christmas, honestly. It just so happens we celebrate it by overeating, napping and watching TV surrounded by our relatives we usually can’t wait to kick out of the house. Thanksgiving just isn’t that great. And before you attack me, just listen.

Kami Geron is a freshman mass communications and studio arts double major and does illustrations for The Daily News. Her views do not necessarily agree with those of the newspaper. Write to Kami at kkgeron@bsu.edu.

Artful Ruckus: Jeff Bezos isn’t the bad guy

Local businesses and chains are closing, and a lot of the blame is aimed at one company: Amazon. Big chain retailers like Macy's and even Walmart are closing hundreds of stores because they just can’t compete. Just because these businesses are shutting down, it does not mean Amazon will take over the world. But even if it did, I don’t think that’d be bad because Amazon provides so much to its customers.

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