Joshua Smith

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Jimbo-laya: The power of hope

11/07/2019 7:58pm

On Sept. 26, my oldest sister Krystyn called and told me she and our parents were at the hospital. My other sister Jessica had been shot during a home invasion.

Jimbo-laya: Who feels homesick already? Not me.

09/29/2019 9:45am

Going away to college can be a challenge for a lot of people for any number of reasons.I thought within the first week I got here I would feel homesick. I thought I would be brooding, calling my mom constantly and in such a slump. But to my surprise, I’m having a great time so far. I know I’ll feel homesick at some point, and it could sneak up on me at any moment, but I feel much more confident in my situation here than I feel other people are.